• When we saw the SmartPros/ASCE PE exam review materials, we thought it was the best product we had seen in preparing for the exam. We thought it was the ideal aid for review and implemented it firm-wide at URS. Any person would have an advantage in passing the PE by using the SmartPros/ASCE PE Exam Review Course. While our employees have found the material easy to use, it has prepared them well for the PE exam.
    Less Osborne
    - CQM, URS Corporation
  • There are multiple levels of help. You can work through the problem if you want to without any help, or you can look at the visual aids and get an equation or hints. You can also call on the instructor and use the instructor button and watch little videos explaining different aspects of the problem. I really like the aesthetics of the program. It has a lot of animations... a lot of useful visual aids, and it can seem more like a game than an actual sit down lecture.
    Jennifer McCord
    - E.I.T
  • If I found that I made a mistake, it would tell me... and I would find that if I used a wrong number here and got this, it would tell me why I got this... and why it turned out wrong, and that helps me through, so I know what I did wrong in each problem. The instructors in the courses were very articulate and they led you through in a very steady, good-paced manner. They answered all the questions, they were thorough in their answers, they made sure they didn't leave anything for you to guess, and explained everything in a very understandable way.
    Brian Paine
    - E.I.T

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