Introduction to Project Management – 35 PDH’s

This 35 hour online and interactive course covers all aspects of project management including; Client Relations, Contract and Procurement, Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting, Accounting and Finance, Quality and Monitoring Planning and Administration.

The interactive course allows students to move at their own pace and structure their own learning path.

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Overview of the Project Management Course for Engineers:

Section 1 – Credit Hours 2 1/4

Section one reviews the phases and types of engineering projects and focuses on how to avoid common problems.
An overview of the duties and skills required to be a successful Project Manager are covered, in addition to the importance of PMI Certification including:

The Project Overview
The Project Manager’s Duties
Project Management Stages

Project Management Client Relations
Section 2 – Credit Hours 5 1/2

Client relationships and negotiation skills are covered in this section.

Project Management Ethics
Time Management
Client Relationships
Client Communications
Acquiring Client Recommendations
Client Diplomacy
Negotiation Techniques

Project Management Software
Section 3 – Credit Hours 2 1/2

An introduction & overview of Microsoft Project includes; basic skills to start a project, creating calendars & linking tasks, assigning resources and report printing.

Using Technology
Entering Tasks using Microsoft Project
Calendars & Linking using Microsoft Project
Resources & Printing using Microsoft Project    

Project Planning
Section 4 – Credit Hours 2 1/4

Getting the project approved with focus on the planning & preparation process.

Preparing the Project Management Plan
Defining the Project Scope
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  and Developing Tasks
Project Set Up
Health and Safety

Engineering Project Budgets  
Section 5  – Credit Hours 2 1/4

This section includes project budgeting, estimating costs, and methods to calculate profitability.

Project Budgeting & Estimating Costs
Methods of Budgeting
Project Profitability Calculation

Engineering Budgets - Projuect Management Engineers

Creating Project Schedules
Section 6 – Credit Hours 4

An introduction to scheduling as well as simple scheduling methods are covered in this section.  An in-depth analysis of the fundamentals & key elements of CPM (the Critical Path Method) are also addressed.

Scheduling Fundamentals
Simple Scheduling Methods
Critical Path Method (CPM):

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Planning
  3. Scheduling

Schedule Compression

Team Building
Section 7 – Credit Hours 2 1/2

Learn how to select, develop, organize and manage a successful team.  Management and communication skills as key components are emphasized, as well as choosing team members and the allocation of resources.

Project Team Development
Project Team Management
Project Team Communication

Project Management Team Building  

Project Accounting & Finance
Section 8 – Credit Hours 4 1/4

In this section we cover the fundamentals of accounting for Project Management including; revenue, expense & profitability calculations, billing issues, and methods for working with both internal and external partners.

Fundamentals of Accounting
Cash vs. Accrual
Revenue Recognition
Project Profitability
Client Billing
Payment Collection
Payment of Subcontractors/Vendors    

Contracts and Procurement
Section 9 – Credit Hours 7

An introduction to project management contracts includes; working with contracts and exploring the fundamentals of contracts. Also included are special considerations for working with federal contracts.

Fundamentals of Contracts
Types of Contract
Language Clauses
Contract Standards
Negotiating a Contract
Purchasing and Subcontractors
Project Change Control
Federal Contracts Introduction
Project Manager’s Role (Federal Contract)
Federal Contract Management: Scenarios & Calculations

Administration, Monitoring & Controlling
Section 10 – Credit Hours 3 1/2

Learn how to successfully monitor and control projects, related changes, as well as administrative issues.  Control and monitor document management, time and expense reports, and project closeouts.

Project Control
Change Control
Earned Value Analysis
Performing the Estimate to Complete
Project Document Management
Recording Time and Reporting Expenses
Project Closeout

Quality Control
Section 11 – Credit Hours 2

Topics covered include an overview of the quality process, delivering project quality, design control and coordination review, and risk management.

Delivering Project Quality
Design Control and Coordination Review
Managing Risks

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Introduction to Project Management Course

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PDH & PDU Credit

The course Project Management for Engineers gives the student the opportunity to get both PDU ( Professional Development Units) and PDH (Professional Development Hours) credit, when they take the course. Students can apply for both types of credit with the appropriate organization.

PDU Credit

The state boards consider completion of the course to be independently verified if you must take and pass a quiz to successfully complete the course.  The Construction Project Management graded results are kept on file by SmartPros for the prescribed length of time (the number of years varies for each state).

How the SmartPros System Works

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