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EG0B – Civil Engineering Technical

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Speaker / Author:
Andy Reese, Ogden Environmental & Energy Services

This online based, interactive civil engineering course provides an understanding of stormwater management including program organizational issues, urban storm water management, NPDES Phase II, and financing.
This online civil engineering course includes 5 online modules and offers seven and a half professional development hours for engineers.

Professional Development Civil Engineering

Civil Storm Water 5 Module Course:

Stormwater: Paradigms in Urban Stormwater Management
Stormwater: Understanding Stormwater Management
Stormwater: Program Organizational Issues
Stormwater: NPDES Phase II
Stormwater: Financing


Stormwater 1: Paradigms in Urban Stormwater Management

Module 1 explores the past, present, and future of stormwater management paradigms along with lessons learned from past practices, and the implications of current and future trends.

Stormwater 2: Understanding Stormwater Management

Module 2 demonstrates cause and effect in stormwater management and illustrates how to construct a comprehensive stormwater management program. Module 1 begins with a single drainage problem and then guides the user through the steps of developing a comprehensive stormwater program.

Stormwater 3: Program Organizational Issues

Module 3 illustrates how local stormwater management programs are organized and the basics of typical functions. Participants are given an overview of the functional organization of stormwater management programs and the interaction between long term, day-to-day aspects, and the legal, technical, and financial underpinnings.

Stormwater 4: NPDES Phase II

Module 4 illustrates how NPDES Phase II greatly impacts stormwater management programs for many cities and counties throughout the U.S. This course explains the origins of the Phase II program, its details and costs.

Stormwater 5: Financing

Module 5 presents the financing issues associated with stormwater programs. Topics focus specifically on the development of stormwater utilities including pitfalls, details of necessary activities, how to successfully involve the public, and how to prevail if challenged in the courts.[/two_thirds]

Software & Hardware Requirements:

•56k or Greater Internet Connection
•Adobe Acrobat® Reader for the .pdf files
•Adobe® Flash® Player 8 or higher
•Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
•Ram: 256 MB minimum
•Sound card with speakers/headphones
•Windows or Mac OS

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